Not quite a hostage…

What’s it like for a lone traveller, away on a routine business trip, a long way from home, to find himself trapped by a major terrorist incident? Not actually a hostage, shackled and guarded by a zealot brandishing an AK47, but holed up in a hotel room on his own, unable to leave from a genuine fear that gunmen may be lurking in the corridor outside and could shoot you if you open the door, or even set fire to the building, as they have done to the one next door? If it happened to you, how would you feel? Panicked? Lonely? Stressed? Motivated to emulate a superhero as best you are able? Just bored? Or all the above?


Back in November 2008, I found myself trapped in my hotel room on the 30th floor while a terrorist incident raged below me…. 

175 people were killed and more than 300 injured in eight simultaneous attacks in different locations around the city of Mumbai – one of which was the hotel I was staying in. 


I was lucky and, after 38 nail-biting hours in my room, just walked away. Nothing terrible happened to me – but I learnt a lot about myself and the value of friendship.

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