About me

Hi! I’m Oliver Dowson. Thanks for stopping by.

This is my personal blog – I’m learning to create a website, so forgive anything that looks too amateur.

I’ve written many other articles for my business, International Corporate Creations Ltd, which helps other companies expand internationally – you’ll find those on https://www.growinternational.org

I’ll be posting some thoughts on the many countries I’ve been lucky enough to visit and some of the recipes I enjoy cooking. Believe it or not, I meet people who actually ask me to write these things down. If you find anything interesting here, great, I will be happy. If you think it’s just a silly old man playing with a website and deceiving himself that anyone will care, well you probably got that right!

I’ll be writing something self-deprecating about myself soon…. meanwhile, if you’re really interested and prepared for promotional hype, check out my bio on LinkedIn