review by Andrea Scholar

Every reader approaches a book with one of these goals: to be educated, thrilled, entertained, or inspired. When I first approached this book, I expected to get educated on business and international business aspects and possibly launch something based on the information I acquired. While this could be the case, I acknowledge that I was caught by surprise. Is this a business book? Yes. Does it have more to offer? Yes, way more than I expected, and made it possibly the best business book I have ever read. Oliver Dowson’s “There’s No Business Like International Business” is a stellar literature piece that transcends its genre and brings forward one of the most unforgettable stories of travels and business, unlike any other author I have read before.

Did the author intend to make this a book about travel? Honestly, I do not think so. However, he takes the reader on an exciting journey around the world, showing different cultures and businesses in a way that other platforms could not have achieved. I read this book in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that I was locked up most of the time, and the only way I could interact with other cultures was through social media. However, Dowson has candidly described the world unconventionally and enticingly, making the book addictive. As he traveled through South America, from Sao Paolo to Argentina, we get to see and know different characters and their businesses; their achievements, challenges, and motivations. From all the books I have read, not many authors have managed to find a perfect balance between all these aspects like Dowson has. And he doesn’t stop there; he takes us to Asia on a similarly exciting and educative journey.

More importantly, this book talks about businesses all over the world. Oliver Dowson, by reputation, is one of the most travelled authors, and in this book, he gives the reader an insight into small and big businesses from all over the world. While he gives his account of how he views small businesses, he also gives the reader an insight into how the most successful people in business think. He shows how to approach opportunities, find solutions to their problems, and deal with disappointing subordinates and business partners. I don’t think one can get such information from an ordinary book, and in my opinion, this is one thing that makes the book a treasure.

I am recommending this book to my friends, and I would highly recommend this book to any aspiring business mind to see international business in a whole new light.