Spies on Safari

Spies on Safari cover

Published by: BKssss Publishing

Released: 17 November 2023

Pages: 292

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers

Language: English

Format: Paperback/eBook

ISBN: 978-1-7392988-1-4

eISBN: 978-1-7392988-4-5

Journey into the heart of Africa’s untamed wilderness, where secrets lie buried beneath the African bush. In “Spies on Safari,” a world shrouded in mystery unfolds before your eyes.

Meet our enigmatic client, driven to the brink by the elusive mine that threatens to annihilate his empire. It’s a treasure hidden so cleverly that even the skies above can’t betray its location. He’s willing to bet his fortune, but why, you ask, does he need to contract a team of spies to unearth its secrets? Is it truly a mine, or something far more sinister?

Enter the assets code named Chameleon, Latviana, and Pilot. Now free from the shackles of their enigmatic former employer, Mr Smith, they’re back in action, doing what they do best, and they’ve recruited an unlikely quartet of new agents to embark on this perilous mission. What begins as a routine exploration through Botswana and Namibia quickly escalates into a deadly game where danger lurks around every corner. In this savage landscape, they’ll face more than just crocodiles, lions, and cheetahs—perilous secrets are their fiercest adversaries.

But this isn’t just an adventure; it’s a web of intrigue and interconnected plots. Discover the truth about Ronald Jones and the elusive Mr Smith as their stories intertwine, weaving a thrilling tapestry that culminates in a heart-pounding climax.

Author Oliver Dowson takes you on a riveting journey fuelled by a passion for travel and an unwavering commitment to realism. Every destination visited by our intrepid team of agents is etched in his firsthand experiences.

While fans of “The Repurposed Spy” will revel in tying up loose ends, “Spies on Safari” stands proudly as a standalone novel—a captivating addition to what promises to be an electrifying series. Prepare to be transported, thrilled, and utterly captivated by this exciting adventure.

Early reviews for Spies on Safari

"I must say, I very much enjoyed this thriller from the pen of Oliver Dowson. Not only is it fast-paced and filled with so many twists and turns I started to get dizzy, but it’s also set in Africa which, for me, added interest to the story. So, what's it about? Basically it's a spy story of sorts, the protagonists sent in to uncover the secrets of a mine - but, as with most thrillers, not everything is as it first seems. What follows is a by-the-numbers thriller - and when I say by-the-numbers, I'm not being critical. Readers of the genre love complex plots, hidden secrets, and realistic settings – all elements you'll find in this skilfully plotted story. All in all, it's well-written, the primary and secondary characters fleshed out and interesting, and the ending is a blast. So, if fast-paced thrillers is your thing, if you love Clive Cussler's Dirt Pitt novels, and if you enjoy getting to know exotic settings, this book is for you. Enjoy!"

“The author has delivered again with a terrific follow up to the first book in this series, “The Repurposed Spy.” The language and descriptions are evocative and quirky, bringing a sense of fun to a book which is also packed with thrills and risk taking. It’s great to come back to the core characters again, each of which have their appeal, and the author breathes such life into the physical contexts in which the story takes place. It’s not a cosy mystery, but the sense of coming back to something treasured is definitely there.”

“Four seemingly unremarkable individuals gather in suburban London to discuss books. But these folks are not ordinary. They each possess unique physical, emotional, interpersonal, and mental skills. And they're connected outside of the book club when they receive a joint assignment from the Chameleon. “Their mission is to find a mine hidden in the African wilderness. Along the way, they engage in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game with humans and animals. Here's where the action really gets going for the characters and the readers. “Through first-person narratives, each character shares insights into their personality, skills and motivations. I like that personal connection. Chapter titles alert readers to the narration switches from first-person to third-person, a technique that adds a unique perspective to the story. “To get the most value from this novel, I recommend reading the first book in the series. The elusive and enigmatic Mr. Smith from The Repurposed Spy makes an appearance in this novel and plays a role in the safari. And Ronald Jones emerges from the shadows, thirsting for vengeance. “In several areas, the writing style is more telling rather than showing. And the plot is a bit complex and confusing at times. But overall, this book is a fun and entertaining read. The author's globe-trotting escapades shine through in this realistic adventure. And the ending left me wanting more. “I can't wait for the next installment in this series.”

"In this third book, and the second of his 'Spy' series, Oliver Dowson has really found his feet as an author. His prose is sharp, his plot sure-footed, and his narrative ability accomplished. In 'Spies on Safari' he returns us to the cast of characters from his first 'Spy' book and introduces some new and vivid dramatis personae. I was delighted to find Ronald Jones back from the grave, in full cry and mixing it up for all his old adversaries. This is no usual espionage thriller, taking place on the African continent and mixing rich geographic description with drama and his hallmark dry humour. It builds towards an unexpected conclusion with a neat plot twist to leave his readers wanting the next book in this developing series. I thoroughly recommend this as an entertaining and delightful read. Buy it today!"

"Are they ordinary citizens or something more? An exciting expedition to search for a hidden treasure …. Or is it? Twists, turns, hidden agendas and deception keep the cauldron bubbling until the end. Another great tale by Oliver Dowson."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it's another absolute page turner from Oliver Dowson. The inimitable, almost mischievous humour that intersperses the often darker narrative gives the story a depth and readability which has led me to do very little else for a week other than finish the book. Great week though!"

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