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My recipes are all diet-conscious; determined to lose weight, and inspired by my dietician, I resolved to simply adapt the recipes I loved to use lower-calorie and healthier ingredients. They work – I lost 18kg in 18 months while still enjoying great food every day

Clam chowder in saucepot

Clam Chowder recipe

X3 February 2022
Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve made countless (OK, I just counted, 173) visits to If
Roast Fennel au gratin

Roast Fennel au Gratin

X24 February 2021
Fennel is a delicious vegetable that’s overlooked by most people. Akin to celery in some If
Melissa shows off a red snapper

Stuffed Red Snapper

X1 February 2021
Barbados is a great place to eat fish. Little fish markets around the coast sell If
Chicken Afghani Kebab

Chicken Afghani Kebab

X25 September 2020
My diet-conscious Chicken Afghani Kebab recipe! This recipe was inspired by my favourite Indian restaurant If
Superfood Salad

Superfood Salad

X20 August 2017
The simplest and quickest of all diet-conscious meals, requiring no culinary skills at all, but If
Roast Stuffed Monkfish

Roast Stuffed Monkfish

X2 August 2017
My diet conscious roast stuffed monkfish recipe is delicious, easier to prepare than it looks, If
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