The Repurposed Spy

After a career in teaching, what Ronald Jones wants to do most with his retirement is travel. To get himself away from it all, relieve his chronic anxiety, calm his deep distrust of other people. Relax.

As a young man, with everything still in front of him, he had spent time in Brazil. Now, with it all behind him, he decides to go back. He has money, no ties, and nothing to stay at home for. It seems a simple plan, easily fulfilled. Arrange an itinerary, book a one-way ticket, lock up the house, get to the airport.

Then the enigmatic Mr Smith pays a call.

Catapulted into a new and very different existence, and with no apparent experience of this new world, Jones is way out of his depth, and in mortal danger. Moody men in suits, shape-shifting female agents, spooks and robotic controllers are suddenly his daily companions. Just how far do these people expect him to take things? And if he cooperates, will they ever bring him back from the edge?

Ronald Jones wanted to travel. He got far more than he had bargained for.

There's no Business like International Business

My first book was published in March 2022 by Matador.

It’s a light-hearted and largely true story of two long business trips I made in the early 2000s.

Part One is a whirlwind business trip around half the countries in South America in just a fortnight, faceing near-death experiences in planes and cars, meeting civil insurrection face-to-face, risking kidnap and having to overcome mindless bureaucracy that could derail the itinerary on a daily basis.

Then, in Part Two, a three week trip around the Far East in the company of a obstreperous, can’t-do-without but can’t-do-with female colleague, learning new cultures fast.

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