The Repurposed Spy

Literary Titan Gold Book Award
BookFest First Place Gold Award

Published by: BKssss Publishing

Released: 24 March 2023

Pages: 272

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers

Language: English

Format: Paperback/eBook

ISBN: 9781739298807

eISBN: 9781739298821

After a career in teaching, what Ronald Jones wants to do most with his retirement is travel. To get himself away from it all, relieve his chronic anxiety, calm his deep distrust of other people. Relax.

Espionage is the furthest thing from his mind.

As a young man, with everything still in front of him, he had spent time in Brazil. Now, forty years or more later, he decides to go back. He has money, no ties, and nothing to stay at home for. It seems a simple plan, easily fulfilled. Arrange an itinerary, book a one-way ticket, lock up the house, get to the airport. 

Then the enigmatic Mr Smith pays a call.

Tourism gives way to intrigue. His plans become disrupted by projects that at first pander to his language skills but become increasingly perilous. Jones is flown around South America to destinations of another’s choosing, instructed by a Project Controller – human or robot? – and catapulted into a new and very different existence. Espionage. Mystery. Intrigue. 

Who is he really working for? What do they really want? And why? With no apparent experience of this new world, Jones is way out of his depth, and in mortal danger. Moody men in suits, shape-shifting female agents and spooks are suddenly his daily companions. Just how far do these people expect him to take things? And if he cooperates, will they ever bring him back from the edge?

Evolving from a retired teacher into a spy – repurposed – his character and daily habits change, and faint recollections of his distant past materialise. 

Ronald Jones wanted to travel. He got far more than he had bargained for.


"You become the mysterious reader of a thrilling narrative from a dazzling character - an allegory about what freedom actually means. You will need to read to the finish line to find out. Do not miss this new Dowson piece"

“I loved the book! I genuinely loved it. It's not at all I was expecting it to be - in a good way. It was filled with unpredictable twists, unforgettable characters, and an end that I didn't see coming but was totally satisfied with. Great book!”

“There is something Orwellian about this story - the central character, Ronald Jones, kept reminding me of Winston Smith in 1984, always looking over his shoulder. The author keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout, wondering what will next befall this hapless and apparently reluctant spy. It is an intriguing tale, narrated in a light, slightly whimsical style that constantly keeps you off guard. I rattled through Oliver Dowson’s debut novel at breakneck speed, anxious to get to the denouement. I wasn’t disappointed, and neither, I venture, will you."

“The Repurposed Spy is a page turner. The novel grabbed my attention from the outset and retained my interest throughout. That’s the trademark of a good mystery thriller - it keeps you guessing throughout and looking forward to finding out more at the end. The twist at the end was really surprising! I did not see that coming, and I’m usually good at predicting the outcome.”

Somehow the author takes an incredible scenario and makes it credible. The story is written in such a way as to make me believe it was absolutely possible and I anxiously travelled along with the protagonist as he dealt with the unlikely hand dealt him. The author handles some difficult topics with sensitivity and it is nice to see anxiety being addressed openly as part of the protagonist’s life rather than in a tokenistic way,

“… an incredibly engaging book …you are constantly on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what is going on. The writing was a joy to read. The author is a master storyteller, and you are sure to enjoy The Repurposed Spy.”

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Ronald Jones wanted to travel. He got far more than he had bargained for.

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